Sunday, December 26, 2010

On This Vibe

Here are three smooth tracks from deep-house guru Fred P. The tracks included in this zip are:
Mind In Flight
It Is What It Is
On This Vibe (my favorite)

+++____>Sum Fred P Trackz ____+++

I also got Fred P's stellar EP "New Horizon" for you. He also goes by Black Jazz Consortium. Stay Magic and download this.

KL__)(____New Horizon____)(__LK
From Resident Advisor:
Fred P's preferred style of house sounds like it was stuck under a heat lamp, left to decay for a few months and then rediscovered and sent straight to the mastering plant. And like his spiritual lo-fi brothers in the indie rock world, it's music that feels somehow much more present, even as it threatens to drift away into the ether.

Also remember to check out Natalie favorite internet person who I shamelessly steal from...she collects the best images and videos and makes the best images and videos:

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