Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nothing On This Blog Is Immune To Change

I'm officially back. I was in Berlin this past semester. I will now post the music that I am listening to at the moment. Just like I was doing before. Let's Go.

This album is currently on heavy, heavy, heavy rotation on my new Marshall headphones (which are really nice if you are looking for good mid-range headphones.) Immune is very open, nice and lush, but still SuPeR pumping. It's funky without being silly. It has some really great sounds on it, and I like every song. My favorite tracks are:

01. Meaning and Memory 02. Hyperlight 03. I’ll Hold Your Hand 04. What Did You Say 05. Imitation Lover 06. Arigato 07. Subspace Radio 08. Spacial Harmonics 09. Immune

Oops, that is the tracklist. Here is the album. I'm going to buy it myself.

Also, I've collected seven tracks from Bodycode/Portable that are not on this album...some were tough to find so if you like this record I suggest picking up these other tracks...

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